Don't Hurry into the Garden Gate

Don't Hurry into the Garden Gate

So many lessons to learn while gardening for us all. Planting those lovely seeds too soon and although the day weather might be agreeable, the evenings are a bit too cool in early Spring. The ground really needs 70 plus temps for itleast two weeks to warm up before planting seeds to get a good germination rate.

But if those precious seedlings pop up and thrill us to no end, then most of the time it is breakfast for the snails and slugs. There is no disappointment like seeing the seeds sprout and that feeling of, YES I planted it right, kept it moist long enough and there they are looking so healthy, to seeing them totally missing the next morning. My answer to this problem can go three ways. 1. Plant seeds in containers, allow to grow to about 4 - 5" tall, then place in garden bed. They can take a nibble or two from dreaded snails and not disappear. 2. Used coffee grounds placed in and around the garden bed helps some. 3. Diatamacious Earth  - food grade applied in the evening to the seedlings and surrounding soil will help. Rinse off in the morning so it does not harm beneficial insects if they land in that area. But I must say if you use DE at the evening hour there are many insects that sleep in and around your garden beds that it will harm. 4. Go out early every morning with a sturdy stick and crush every snail you see. This does help but also watch for those tiny snails, they are hard to see sometimes and can do major damage. Watch for them on cloudy days, just after a rain or early morning hours when the sun comes up you will see the culprits that are dining on your tiny plants.

Other issues like wondering cats can mess up a little seedling. I use old lightweight tree limbs laid across my beds until the plants are about 10" - 12" tall. Most cats don't want to deal with getting poked by the tiny limbs of the branch so they stay away. Lemon slices laid around the beds help, too.

Keep a journal of what works and does not work for every season. Refer to it before you start planting. This really helps me because I get crazy just like everyone else and first chance I get I plant seeds way too soon. 😁

I hope all your garden plans bloom to your desire. 

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