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Forget Me Not Blue Flower Seeds

Forget Me Not Blue Flower Seeds

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Forget Me Not Blue Flower Seeds, Perennial, over 30 seeds per package. 

(Myosotis sylvatica) zones 3 - 9, full sun to partial shade. Plant when temps are consistently 68 - 72F. Planting depth 1/16", keep soil lightly moist until germination.

Great as a mass ground cover, or in containers. Flowers are small but so very pretty.

Forget-me-not is a well-known flowering plant in the borage family. It is grown for its pretty blue flowers and for the fact that some of our worst garden pests do not bother eating it.
Tolerant of rabbit and deer pests, forget-me-not does attract wildlife valued by us gardeners: It draws butterflies. Forget-me-not has the potential to be invasive. This is because it reseeds, allowing it not only to survive for years in the landscape but even to spread. Deadhead it to cut down on its reseeding if you want to exercise control over forget-me-not or plant it in containers. Some gardeners, though, will be quite happy to let this attractive plant spread.

This is a versatile plant. For example, it can be used in the yard as; a ground cover, a container plant for use on decks and patios, in cottage gardens, in woodland gardens and in rock gardens.

Forget Me Nots will bloom very lightly if any the first year they are planted but the following Spring they will do well and again in late Summer/early Fall. They reseed easily.

Light, full sun/part shade, in the south afternoon shade would be good.
Soil, well-drained soil
Water, tolerates wet soil
Fertilizer, with compost or with a general
Planting depth 1/16”, keep lightly moist until germination
Germination, approx. 10-20 days
Plant spacing 9 – 12”

Myosotis Sylvatica is perfectly safe to have in the yard around small children. You may have heard that forget-me-nots are poisonous, but this is a case of confusion caused by the use of common names. Some plants commonly known as “forget-me-nots” are, in fact, toxic, but not Myosotis Sylvatica according to web research.

There are many stories out there about the name so here is one of them. A French knight was walking along a river with his lady. He bent down to pick her a pretty little blue flower, but his heavy armor caused him to lose his balance and he fell into the current. Before sinking forever, he tossed the flower to his lady, shouting “ne m’oubliez pas” (forget me not)! And that was how the forget-me-not got its name….so they say. Look at the 2nd picture posted, does that look like a river of blue? So pretty....

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