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Borage Herb Seeds

Borage Herb Seeds

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Borage Herb (Borago officials), Pollinators LOVE, Medicinal Herb
(other names, Star Flower, Bee Bush)
15 seeds per package

Borage is an easy, fast-growing annual herb with vivid blue flowers and the flavor and scent of cucumbers. While it is considered an herb, it's often grown as a flower in vegetable gardens where it is considered a good companion plant for tomatoes, squash, and strawberries. It’s even supposed to deter tomato hornworms and improve the flavor of tomatoes growing nearby.

It's rare that you find an herb that is as beautiful as it is delicious, but borage does the trick. Commonly planted in vegetable or herb gardens, it acts as a magnet for bees and other pollinators while adding a charming, cottage-style appeal with its petite blue buds.

Sun: full sun to part shade
Planting Depth: .25, keep area lightly moist until germination
Size: 1- 3’ tall
Width: 6-18” wide
Soil: well draining
Annual Herb
Grows well in containers
Great companion plant

Note: Reseeds easily and more come up the following year.

Borage can bloom from late spring through summer and will reach maturity in about eight weeks, at which point you can harvest the leaves and flowers as need. Keep in mind, the plants will start to decline if they are not deadheaded and are left to go to seed.

Staggering your planting times will give you a longer period of bloom and provide a longer harvest time. If the flowers fade before you have a chance to deadhead them, the plants will re-seed on their own.

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