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Zinnia, Canary Bird Yellow Zinnia Seeds

Zinnia, Canary Bird Yellow Zinnia Seeds

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Canary Bird Yellow Zinnia Seeds (Zinnia Elegans Dahlia Flowered Canary Bird)

Open Pollinated, Non-GMO, Annual

Minimum 25 seeds per package

 What a show these annuals put on in the sunny flower border! Grown from Zinnia seeds, these large 4 - 5 inch brilliant yellow blooms are sure to attract attention. Canary Bird Zinnias will bloom through a long, hot summer without wilting. They are excellent for large pots, containers, or sow directly in your flower garden.  Zinnia flowers grow best in full sunshine and well-drained soil. They are very easy to grow, and they are not finicky about soil or water, but they do require full sun. The more you deadhead them, the more flowers they will produce. Butterflies and beneficial insects will be visiting these large blooms often.


Season: Annual

USDA Zones: 3 - 10

Height: approx. 36 inches

Bloom Season: Late spring to early fall

Bloom Color: Canary-yellow

Environment: Full sun

Soil Type: Well-drained, pH 6.0 - 6.5

Deer Resistant: Yes

Temperature: 75F

Average Germ Time: approx. 7 - 14 days

Light Required: No

Depth: Cover seed lightly with peat moss or soil

Sowing Rate: 2 - 4 seeds per plant

Moisture: Keep soil slightly moist but not wet until germination

Plant Spacing: 18 - 20 inches

If sowing Zinnia seeds indoors, sow them 4 - 7 weeks prior to the last frost. Press into the soil and cover lightly. Or direct sow seeds outdoors in the Spring after danger of frost has passed. Lightly cover seeds and keep soil lightly moist. Thin seedlings to 18 - 20 inches apart. Grow Zinnias in full sun and well-drained soil with regular watering.


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