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Melon, Canary Melon Seeds

Melon, Canary Melon Seeds

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Canary Melon Seeds (Cucumis melo), Open Pollinated, Non-GMO,

or San Juan Melon, Spanish Melon
30 seeds per package

Canary melons are also referred to as San Juan canary melons or Spanish melons. Named for its brilliant yellow color that is like canary birds. Canary melons are oval with vibrant yellow skin and a cream-colored flesh. Melons may weigh 4-5 pounds when ripe and are around 6 to 8” long.

Vines of the canary melon can grow to about 10 feet in length and individual plants to 2 feet in height. They require plenty of heat to reach maturity and a growing season of 80-90 days.

The flesh is a light peach color that taste like a honey dew melon but slightly sweeter and it is very easy to grow. The skin of the canary melon is slick and bright yellow when ready to be harvested.

Planting, Direct Sow:
In zone 8, I planted in May, I waited for the soil to warm up a bit.
Full Sun, 7-8 hours
Well draining soil is recommended but mine was planted
in not so great of soil and it did just fine.
Place seed in ground about ¼” deep, keep soil lightly moist until germination.
Seem to be pest resistant
Seedling emerges in about 5 days
Space or thin to 2 – 3’ apart
About 5 lb melons, 4 to 5 melons per vine was my experience.
6 – 8” long melons

Harvest around 80 - 90 days, the melon goes from light green to very bright yellow. The tendril near the stem dries up, melon is a strong yellow color and it is ready to be removed from the vine.

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