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Chives Garlic with White Blossom Seeds

Chives Garlic with White Blossom Seeds

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Garlic Chives Seeds (Allium tuberosum) with White Blooms, Herb

20 seeds per package

 Garlic Chives are a perennial, bulb-forming culinary herb with a garlic flavor. Grown for both the edible scapes and pleasing, globe-shaped blooms that make an attractive garnish and the pollinators love the beautiful white blooms. Garlic chives are very similar to standard chives, so they make a natural substitute for each other. When substituting one for the other, remember that garlic chives are stronger flavor than regular chives. You could combine chives and garlic to match the flavor more closely. Also called Chinese Leek or Chinese Chives.

The slender, garlic-flavored, green foliage of chives can be eaten cooked, and can even be frozen for use later. The cheery, white flowers of this perennial herb are also edible and make this species a welcome addition to ornamental borders, plants will self-sow. Garlic scapes (green stems) are especially wonderful in stir fries. Instead of having to mince garlic and prepping greens, you just cut the garlic scapes into the desired length and you get the best of both worlds — substantial greens and a delicate garlicky flavor..

 Sow seeds indoors ¼" deep. Transplant outdoors as soon as soil can be worked in spring. Chives are also easy to direct seed. Established plants can easily be divided in both Spring and Fall. Remove spent blossoms regularly to prolong blooming.

Perennial in zones 3-9

Plants grow to approximately 12-20” tall

Plant Seed ¼” deep

Keep soil lightly moist until germination

Start 4 – 6 weeks indoors before last frost

Or direct sow, or plant in containers, can be used as a border plant in the garden beds

Plant 4 – 8” apart

Germination 7 – 14 days

Full to partial sun, does very well in full sun here in Texas

Garlic-flavored foliage and edible white blossoms

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    Customer Reviews

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    Sandra Clements

    The chives are growing beautifully. They are still small, but very healthy and looking forward to those beautiful flowers they produce.

    Thank you for great seeds and the fantastic help you provide for your customers!