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Fennel Herb Seeds, Florence

Fennel Herb Seeds, Florence

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Florence Fennel Herb Seeds, (Foeniculum vulgare) Non - GMO, Open Pollinated. 20 Seeds Per Package. 

Fennel is a cool-season crop that grows to about 2' – 4’ in height. With feathery, edible, foliage it is used often in salads, soups, sauces and with cooking fish. The base of the leaf stalks overlap and swell to form a thick, crisp, above-ground bulb similar to celery with a fresh, delicate anise-like flavor. The aroma of the leaves remind me of licorice. Pollinators love this plant when it blooms tiny little flowers.

Fennel is an herb that belongs to the carrot family. Though its thick stalks with feathery leaves and bright poofs of yellow flowers are native to the Mediterranean region, they grow wild on the side of roads everywhere from Italy to California to Australia.
The most common cultivated fennel plant is called Florence fennel, and most parts of the plant are edible: while the hollow fennel stalks can be a bit tough, its edible white bulb is treated as a vegetable and its leaves (which are similar in consistency to dill), fruits (called seeds), pollen, and essential oils are incorporated into dishes all over the world.
You can start indoors about a month before last frost.

Plant seed, ¼” deep
Direct Sow – 65 degrees or above, late Spring.
Spacing – approx. 6 - 12” apart
Full Sun
Annual in most zones

TRANSPLANTING: Use 1-2" small containers, 1/4" deep. Thin to 1 plant per container. Grow for 4-6 weeks or until plants can be removed without disturbing roots. Transplant outdoors in midspring to late summer 6" apart. Use care as disturbing the roots may cause bolting. Clip off any seed stalks that may form.

HARVEST: You can use the feathery like leaves to season with or when the base thickens, use sharp pruners to cut bulb free at the base just above taproot. Cut off leaf stems 1-2" above bulb to prepare for storage.

STORAGE: Best at 32°F

DAYS TO MATURITY: From direct seeding, 75 days.

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