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Skullcap, Hoary Skullcap

Skullcap, Hoary Skullcap

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Hoary Skullcap Herb Seeds, (Scutellaria incana)

note: slow to germinate

 Minimum15 seeds per package

 Scutellaria incana, the hoary skullcap or downy skullcap, is a flowering plant in the family Lamiaceae and is native to North America. It is a perennial and is primarily found in the eastern United States as well as some parts of the Midwest. Discovered by ancient herbalists, this native perennial is highly valued for its medicinal benefits. This wildflower also bears clusters of pretty little purple flowers that are loved by bees. The unusual name comes from the blossoms look like a tight fitting cap. The stems are hoary, tiny white hairs.

Direct sow in late fall by pressing the seed on to the soil. Or you can sow in spring after you stratify the seeds for 30 days in damp sand. Again, you want to press the seed to the soil but not bury it.

Keep the soil consistently moist until germination, which is notoriously slow and irregular. Water seedlings occasionally until they become established. This plant adapts well to either dry or moist soil, and also tolerates sandy and clay soils. For extended blooming, deadhead blossoms. The plant attracts hummingbirds and various types of bees.

This plant does tolerate dry seasons it does even better when watered on occasion.

Zones 5 – 9

Stratify; Cold and wet, approximately 8 weeks

Sun in cooler climates, part sun in hotter climates

Height approx. 36”

Color Blue/Purple Blooms

Blooms early summer and fall

Temp 50 or above

Slow to germinate

By year two it may be 36”


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