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Tomato Seeds, Isis Candy Cherry Tomato

Tomato Seeds, Isis Candy Cherry Tomato

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Isis Candy Cherry Tomato Seeds, Open Pollinated, Non-GMO
15 seeds per package

Delightful, round, one-inch fruit may vary in shades and blush patterns of reds to yellows, usually with golden flesh. Typically carries an intriguing “cat’s eye” or star in yellow on the blossom end. The flavor is outstandingly sweet and fruity. These are sweeter than most other cherry tomatoes, but not excessively sweet, with a nice depth of flavor. Kids adore them.

• Fruits grow to 1½" in clusters of 6-8
• Rich, sweet, fruity flavor
• Indeterminate - Fruit ripens throughout the season
• 70-80 days from transplant

In early spring, start indoors about 6 to 8 weeks before outdoor night temperatures are reliably in the 50-55°F (10- 13°C).
Sow seeds 1/4 inch deep and 1 inch apart in a container of seed starting mix. Keep moist but not soggy, and very warm, 80°F (27°C).
Provide a strong light source until seedlings are ready to plant outside. When 2 inches tall, transplant into individual 4 inch pots, burying stems up to base of leaves. Maintain at 70-75°F (21-24°C).
Feed with half strength fertilizer every 2 weeks until ready to plant, then gradually acclimate seedlings to outdoor conditions. When nights reach 55°F(10°C), transplant 3 feet apart into rich soil in full sun.

Plants will grow tall and heavy with fruit clusters. For best full, sweet flavor, pick only when fruits are fully ripe and colored up. With their beautiful color and sweet full flavor, Isis Candy cherries are irresistible straight out of the garden, or try sautéing them in good olive oil just until they burst and sprinkle with fresh herbs.

Companion Plants- herbs; borage, basil, dill, mint, sage, fennel, cilantro,  parsley,  chives, thyme, oregano. Flowers; marigold, nasturtium.

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