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Lettuce Variety Mixed Seeds

Lettuce Variety Mixed Seeds

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Lettuce Variety Mix, over 25 seeds per package.
Non GMO, Open Pollinated

Enjoy a fresh salad this year without chemicals. This is so easy to grow and really very pretty in the ground or in pots and it grows very quickly. I have it growing in several pots so all I have to do is harvest a little for dinner right off my back porch. SO COOL! sorry I get excited…

With more brightly colored and unique lettuces, it makes a flavorful salad, perfect for your home table. I love the rich, old-fashioned taste. Includes black seeded simpson, merlot and some non-listed rare varieties.

Days To Maturity: 30 days

Sun: Full Sun, Part Shade

Spread: about 6 inches

Height Range: 9-15 inches

Sow Method: Direct Sow/Indoor Sow, press seed into soil lightly, no need to cover the seed with soil. Keep soil lightly moist until germination.

Planting Time: Spring and Fall
In the hot summer time I keep on planting lettuce mix but in part shade part sunny areas and it grows well.

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