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Love Lies Bleeding Flower Seeds

Love Lies Bleeding Flower Seeds

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Loves Lies Bleeding Red Cascading Tassel Flowers, organic ornamental heirloom amaranth.

Minimum 30 seeds per package, update 2/14/2023

The love lies bleeding flower is long lasting and has the best color when planted in poor soil. If there is no spot in the landscape to accommodate this large annual flower, the love lies bleeding flower can be grown in containers and is particularly attractive in hanging baskets.

Easy to grow heirloom and a very unique addition to the garden landscape and cut flower arrangements. Growing love lies bleeding in the landscape attracts butterflies and numerous pollinators. The plant is popular for its culinary applications, both sweet and savory.

Care is minimal after the seeds sprout. Until seedlings are actively growing, they should be kept consistently moist. Once established, the love lies bleeding plant is somewhat drought-resistant and needs little looking after until seeds develop.

Love lies bleeding plant should be planted in full sun after the soil has warmed. Gardeners with short growing seasons may want to start seeds indoors, as growth and flowering in maturity may take the better part of the season. Love lies bleeding plant can reach approximately 5 feet (1.5 m.) in height and 2 feet (61 cm.) across, adding bushy texture in the landscape. Perennial performance may occur from this plant in areas that do not experience frost.


Days to Sprout: 5 to 10 days
Maturity: about 70 days
Height varies
Row space: 12”
Plant Space: 10”
Plant depth: ½”
Full Sun
Zones 5 - 9

Keep soil lightly moist until seedling pops up.
Moderate watering as plant is established.

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