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Melon, Mango Melon Seeds

Melon, Mango Melon Seeds

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Mango Melon or Vine Peach Melon, (Cucumis melo)

Non GMO, Open Pollinated

Minimum 15 seeds per package.

The fruit is about 3” almost the size of a peach, with a yellow rind and fruity-tasting white flesh. They do start out green and then turn yellow as they ripen.

You can spot a perfectly ripe melon in the same way you would a mango – it should feel heavier than it looks, and have a slightly sweet aroma. Press gently on the end furthest from the stem – this should be slightly soft. Most of mine pulled away from the vine very easily.

Full Sun

Outside temps for planting seeds: 60 – 85F

Planting depth ½”

Keep soil lightly moist until germination

Plant Spacing – 18” apart

Frost Hardy: no

Soil: free from weeds, slightly sandy type well-draining soil.

Harvesting Melon: approximately 80 - 90 days.

Zones 9 - 10, Mango Melon is a warm season crop that does best when planted in warm soil in a full sun location. In Zones 9 and 10, seeds can be started as early as April if they are protected from the cold. By late April it is possible to plant directly into soil that is 60°F or above.

Zones 2-8, Sow seeds in starter pots with a heating pad 3-4 weeks before planting out. Harden off plants 6-7 days prior to planting them out into a frost-free garden..

Once the seedlings have germinated and have a first set of true leaves it is recommended that you fertilize regularly with an organic fertilizer. (I only use kitchen compost, leaves, grass clippings and comfrey leaves all year on my beds and it works good.)


Melons need adequate spacing to be happy. A good watering schedule helps to keep the plants thriving. Depending on your zone, how much rain you get, and what season you are in will determine how much you need to water the plants.


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