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Moonflower Vine Seeds

Moonflower Vine Seeds

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Moonflower Vine Seeds, Heirloom, with white very fragrant blooms. 

Minimum 15 seeds per package. 

Zones 3-9 Annual, Zones 10-12 Perennial. 

Soil temp 50 - 75, best time to plant seeds when outside temps are consistently above 50 after last (late spring) frost.

Large flowers open in the evening and on cloudy days. The foliage is so pretty with heart-shaped leaves. Grows well on a trellis, fence, or arbor. Looks so pretty with crimson morning glories.

Classic heirloom variety’s pretty fragrant 6" flowers magically open in the evening: you can actually watch them unfurl. For added interest, mix them in a flowerbed with morning bloomers such as morning glories. A favorite of pollinators, vining plants grow to 8–12'. Grown as an annual, but is perennial in mild areas, plants are easy-growing, especially in full sun.

Chip the seed slightly with a knife and soak overnight in cool water to help speed up germination. Then plant into the ground or a container.

Full Sun, average soil, ½” depth, water when soil is dry.
They smell so pretty and you do not have to be near them to enjoy the beautiful aroma. On a nice windy evening right about dusk they begin to open and the aroma lightly fills my garden area.

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