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Nasturtium, Climbing Moonlight Seeds

Nasturtium, Climbing Moonlight Seeds

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Climbing Nasturtiums Moonlight Seeds, Herb (Tropaeolum majus). 

Minimum 10 seeds per package.

These are very pretty climbing nasturtiums with a primrose yellow flower and lilypad-shaped green foliage. They grow easily in well drain soil and are great companion plants with vegetables and herbs. Grow these beauties up a trellis, fence line or allow them to grow right along side your tomato trellis or cucumber vines.

Annual Flower Vining Plant

Culinary herb

Sun/Part Shade

Color, light yellow

Sow seed about 1” deep

Keep seed lightly moist until germination

Plant 10 – 12” apart

Germination approximately 7 – 14 days

Plant in well draining soil

Direct sow or containers

Mature Height approximately 4 – 6”

To start early indoors, 3 weeks before your last expected frost date, one seed per cell.

Direct sow when temps are consistently above 50 F.

The flower blooms and leaves are edible. They go so nicely in fresh tossed salads and it adds a spicy watercress flavor.



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