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New Gardener Vegetable Starter Kit

New Gardener Vegetable Starter Kit

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New Gardener Vegetable Starter Kit. This is a great starter kit for new gardeners. It is also a wonderful kit to give for birthdays, anniversaries, or thank you gift. The vegetable, herb and flower seeds can be grown in ground or in medium to large size containers. Free USA Shipping, use code freeship at checkout.

All seeds are open pollinated and non-gmo.

The kit includes;
1 package of carrot seeds
1 package of lettuce variety seeds
1 package of cucumber seeds
1 package of sweet pepper seeds
1 package of herb seeds
1 package of tomato seeds
1 package of edible flower seeds
1 garden apron with three pockets (may be yellow, purple, dark blue, tan or pink)
7 plastic seed markers

Each kit will have instruction sheets for each seed package. The instructions will walk you through how to plant, maintain and harvest your produce. 

All you need to purchase is 7 containers range size 20" to 24", good potting soil, water and sunshine!

You can plant the herb seeds and edible flower seeds in with the vegetables to help keep away the bad bugs or plant them in their own container. All of these plants do best in full sun. They can be placed on a patio, a deck, a balcony, or in the front or backyard.

If you have any questions shoot me an email.

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