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Night Scented Tobacco

Night Scented Tobacco

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Night-Scented Tobacco (Nicotiana) or The Woodland, 
Non-Gmo, Open Pollinated.  
Minimum 50 seeds.  

Sometimes called The Woodland Plant, this self-sowing species grows to about 5' tall and is topped with 3-4" trumpet-shaped white blossoms at its crown. The flowers open in the evening and release a pleasant, sweet fragrance. Tender perennial, grown as an annual. The leaves are large and no bugs seem to ever attack this plant. It is a very unique addition to my gardens and does smell so good in early evening time. 

A very tiny seed that turns into a magnificent towering fragrant flower. It does take some space but it is a real delight in the evening when it blooms. This plant does well in average soil and will reseed.


Zones 3-11

Start in doors 6 -8 weeks before last frost date
Distance between plants in the garden, 18” – 22” apart
Light – Sun/Part Shade
Planting Depth – drop seeds on moist soil then cover very lightly with seed starting soil (light soil mix)
Keep lightly moist until germination
Germination, approximately 10 – 20 days
Stake plant in strong windy areas
Approximately 5’ tall

I so love this plant. It is so heat tolerant and puts out a very nice aroma in the morning and at night. It is a big showy plant and it does not seem to be bothered by any bad bugs. Not even the grasshoppers mess with it. YEAH!

update 5/23/2023

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