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Cauliflower, Organic Snowball Cauliflower Seeds, Self Blanching Cauliflower

Cauliflower, Organic Snowball Cauliflower Seeds, Self Blanching Cauliflower

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Organic Snowball Cauliflower, Self Blanching (Brassica oleracea)
15 seeds per package
Non-gmo, open pollinated

Cauliflower Snowball is a superb heritage variety, first bred in America in the 1890's, there probably still isn't a better cauliflower to grow in the garden. The pure white, snowball-sized heads can be harvested when small, approx. 2”or left to mature to 6”.

Zones 8 through 10, cauliflower can be grown in the fall and winter from late-summer planting. "Early Snowball" is a fast-growing cultivar that matures approximately 55 days from transplanting.

• Organic
• Crisp and tender white curds
• Heads grow to approx. 6” across
• In warm regions it can be over-wintered
• Harvest approx. 60-85 days from transplant
• Start indoors 6 -8 weeks before last frost
• Germination, approx. 4 – 10 days
• Plant outdoors, 24” apart
• Full Sun
• Sow, ¼” deep

Smooth (approx) 6" heads of tightly formed white curds are solid, crisp, and tender. This variety is well-suited to being eaten raw, baked, roasted, or steamed. Can be overwintered for an early crop in warmer regions. Approx. 60-85 days from transplant.

Sow seeds indoors ¼" deep in peat pots so you can plant the pot directly in the garden without disturbing the roots. Plant outside just before the last frost. Cauliflower prefers cool temperatures and a steady supply of water. Blanching is tying leaves around heads to prevent yellowing of the creamy white curds, although this variety seems to do it on its own. It has large wrapper leaves that curl inwards in the cool fall weather. This trait serves to help cover and protect the head and to help keep it blanched pure white in color.

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