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Pepper, California Wonder Heirloom Sweet Pepper Seeds

Pepper, California Wonder Heirloom Sweet Pepper Seeds

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California Wonder Sweet Pepper Seeds, (Capsicum annuum) Heirloom

Non GMO, Open Pollinated

Minimum 20 Seeds Per Package

One of the oldest and largest heirloom bell pepper available. First introduced by California growers around 1928. Tall, sturdy plants produce good yields of blocky, thick-walled fruits. A delicious green pepper that ripens to a vibrant red. Few bell pepper varieties can compete with the reliable plants produced by California Wonder pepper seeds. In a greenhouse, open field, or in your backyard vegetable garden, this is the variety to grow if you love big, blocky sweet peppers that mature from green to bright fire engine red. 

Once the plant has settled in, it begins to produce very well.

8-12 hours of Sun

Sprouts in 7-10 Days

Ideal Temperature: 70-95 Degrees F

Seed Depth: 1/4"

Keep soil lightly moist until germination

Plant Spacing: 14-18"

Frost Hardy: No

Harvest: approx. 70 days

Well draining soil

Growing Tips; Start indoors in bright light 8-12 weeks before last frost date. Heat mat helps to warm soil and speed germination. Plant outside after temps have reached 75 plus and the last frost date has passed. Harden off plants before exposing them to all day outside weather. Peppers often appreciate a bit of afternoon shade during the hottest summer weather. You can also use the wet paper towel method to get your pepper seeds to germinate. It grows well in medium to large containers or in ground. The peppers go from green to red. It does need afternoon shade when temps go above 95.



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