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Gran's Garden Seeds

Pollinator's Garden Mixed Seeds

Pollinator's Garden Mixed Seeds

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Pollinator’s Garden Mixed Seeds

A copy of this information sheet will come with your seed packet.

Over 50 seeds per package, Non GMO, Open Pollinated, Annual

The pollinators love this mix of flower and herb blooms. The pollinators are so beneficial to our flower, fruit and vegetable gardens. This seed mix has beautiful flowers and herbs, you will love the color of the blooms.

Annual Flowers and Herbs

Full Sun, part shade in 95 plus temps.

Zones, 3 - 10

Ornamental Use, garden beds, borders, medium to large container (16” to 24” container)

Direct Sow, cover seeds approx. 1/4” deep with light weight potting mix

Keep soil lightly moist until germination

Need well-draining soil for best results

Blooms, late Spring to first frost.

Height of some flowers & herbs, approximately 12” to 36”

Width Coverage, approximately 4’ x 8’ garden bed or three large containers.


Sowing Directly in the Garden:

Direct sow seeds in average soil in full sun after all danger of frost has passed.

Prepare the soil by removing weeds and working organic matter into the top few inches of soil always helps; then level and smooth the area with a rake.

Sow seeds (hand sprinkle the seeds to cover the area) upon the prepared soil and cover the seeds with about ¼” of fine soil.

Firm soil lightly with your hand, water with a gentle spray. The next following days you need to lightly moisten the soil one, two or three times a day to keep the top soil lightly moist until germination. (The soil needs to be lightly moist at all times until germination occurs).

 Seedlings will emerge in approximately 5-14 days. When they begin to pop up you can cut back the watering to once a day or once every other day until the seedlings become mature plants. Do the finger test of your soil if you are not sure if a plant needs water or not. Push your finger into the soil and if it is dry about ½” to an 1” deep, then it is time to give the small plants/seedlings water.

Seed mix – A wonderful combination of flower and herb seeds that when they bloom the pollinators will love your garden.

Note: None of these plants or seeds needs to be chewed on by pets or people.


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