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Cabbage Red Kalibos Seeds

Cabbage Red Kalibos Seeds

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Red Kalibos Cabbage, 15 seeds per package
Non Gmo

Incredibly graceful appearance would qualify Kalibos for the flower garden, but this European variety is eminently useful as well! The conical, long, heart-shaped, 2-pound heads of deep red are on the small side, ideal for a single dish. The color is so beautiful when the leaves are shredded into slaw, and the flavor is mild and very sweet. They’re good keepers as well, allowing you to enjoy your fall harvest well into winter.

Sow seed indoors ¼" deep 4-6 weeks before the last frost. Plant out just before the last frost. Take care not to disrupt the shallow root system while transplanting and weeding. Make sure cabbage has a regular supply of water. Mulching cabbage will reduce weeds and keep moderate temperatures and even moisture in the soil. Cabbage is a heavy feeder and it needs an even supply of nutrients.

Maturity, about 85 days.
Germination, approx. 7 – 10 days
Full Sun
Plant seeds, ¼” deep, keep lightly moist until germination
Start indoor 6-8 weeks before last frost

To take care of any slug issue that may occur, use cocoa bean hulls as the mulch. Sprinkle around the plant base and the problem goes away. If you have dogs limit access to the cabbage, some dogs like to nibble on the cabbage.

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