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Survival Seed Kit, Emergency Seed Storage

Survival Seed Kit, Emergency Seed Storage

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Stay prepared with our Survival Seed Kit, packed with over 255 emergency seeds. Keep your pantry stocked with quality and sustainable produce, no matter what comes your way.

Survival Seed Kit, (Emergency Seed Storage or Survival Seeds). 

Over 255 Seeds, 12 Packages of different seed types. 

Non-GMO, Open Pollinated. 

The Seed Kit arrives in a Mylar Re-sealable Seed Bag, (free standing 1 gallon size 14” x 10” storage bag). Storing the seeds in the Mylar bag will help keep the seeds fresh for a long time. The Mylar Seed Bag is light proof.  All the seeds are non-gmo and open pollinated. This would make a very nice gift for your loved one, friend or neighbor. An instruction sheet comes in kit for each seed package along with seed markers.

Included in the Seed Kit;

1-Re-sealable Mylar bag, size 14" long (tall) x 10"wide

Premium quality aluminum foil, silver color.

Helpful instruction sheet for planting each package of seed.

12 Packages of non gmo, open pollinated seeds;

1-Scarlet Bee Balm, over 20 seeds

1-Cinnamon Basil, over 25 seeds

1-Stevia Sweetleaf, 10 seeds

1-Zinnia Mixed Bloom Color, over 20 seeds

1-Golden Honeymoon Melon, over 40 seeds

1-Early Round Dutch Cabbage, over 30 seeds

1-Tendergreen Green Bush Bean, 20 seeds

1-Bloomsdale Spinach, 15 seeds

1-Box Car Willie Tomato, 15 seeds

1-Early Summer Squash, 15 seeds

1-Musselburgh Leek, 25 seeds

1-Atomic Red Carrot, over 15 seeds

12-seed/plant markers

All you need now is dirt or potting soil, water and sunlight. Most of these seeds can be directly planted in ground or in medium to larger containers.




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