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ST John's Wort Seeds

ST John's Wort Seeds

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St John’s Wort Seeds, (Hypericum Perforatum)
Open Pollinated, Non-GMO
25 seeds per package

St John's Wort plant is a short, woody shrub that grows about 24 inches tall and has fragrant yellow flowers from mid to late summer. It is said Hypericum St John's Wort was named after John the Baptist. As an herb plant, the oil in the leaves has been used topically. St John's Wort herb has also been used to treat other human conditions. It makes a great ground cover along side walks and driveways.

How to grow from seed: St. John's Wort seeds are easy to grow. Plant the herb seeds indoors 6 - 8 weeks before the last frost, or outside after danger of frost has passed. Press the seeds into the soil, but do not cover it as the seed will germinate better with light. Transplant the Hypericum seedlings when they are 2 - 3 inches tall. The plants will tolerate most any soil conditions but prefer moist and light soils. Fertilizer is only necessary in the poorest of soils, and water in prolonged drought times after the plant is established.

Season: Perennial
USDA Zones: 4 - 8
Height: 24 inches
Bloom Season: Summer
Bloom Color: Yellow
Environment: Full sun to partial shade
Soil Type: Well-drained, pH 5.8 - 7.2
Deer Resistant: Yes
Temperature: 60F
Average Germ Time: 10 - 20 days
Light Required: Yes
Depth: Do not cover the seed but press into the soil
Sowing Rate: 3 - 4 seeds per plant
Moisture: Keep seeds moist until germination
Plant Spacing: 18 - 24 inches

update 3-11-2024

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