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Pepper, Sunbright Sweet Pepper Seeds

Pepper, Sunbright Sweet Pepper Seeds

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Sunbright Sweet Pepper Seeds, Yellow Bell Pepper (Capsicum annuum)
Over 15 seeds per package
Non-gmo, open pollinated

Yellow, thick-walled, sweet fruits add appetizing color and vitamins to fresh salads, and are superb for stuffing as well as fresh use. Plants can get quite large, so be prepared to support them, especially when carrying lots of fruit. Ripens green to yellow. The longer the pepper stays on the vine the sweeter the pepper becomes.

An ever popular American favorite! Sweet Yellow Peppers are a staple of many gardens, their sweet, mild flavor making them an easy addition to almost any cuisine. Smooth, blocky fruits generally will reach approx. 4x5" square at maturity and glow a luminous yellow. The plant height can reach approx. 24” tall. Best started indoors (except in very warm zones where they can be direct sown), peppers mature approximately 65-75 Days after transplant. Can be grown in large containers or direct sow.

Sow seed in 20-row or shallow flats, or small containers
1/4" deep, in late March or about 8 weeks prior to transplanting
Maintain soil temperatures at 80-90°F
Pepper seeds germinate very slowly in cooler soil. When the first true leaves appear, transplant seedlings into 4" pots. Grow plants at approx. 70°F day and 60°F nights.

Harden off plants before putting them in the garden. Transplant in garden after frost when the soil is warm and weather is settled. Ideal seedlings have buds, but no open flowers. Space pepper plants 12-18" apart in rows 24-36" apart, 18" between plants. Water-in transplants using a high phosphorus solution.

Pick the first peppers promptly when they reach full size to encourage further fruit set.

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