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Celery, Tendercrisp Celery Seeds

Celery, Tendercrisp Celery Seeds

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Tendercrisp Celery Seeds, (Apium graveolens ), Non-GMO, Open Pollinated,

30 Seeds Per Package

Garden celery is better tasting than store bought types, but it’s also less chemical-laden. In cooler regions, it does best planted in the early spring. In warmer areas, plan to plant in mid- to later summer.

Due to its need for a long growing season, it’s best to start celery seed indoors.
For a spring crop, start seeds 10 to 12 weeks before your last spring frost date.
For a fall crop, start seeds in time to transplant seedlings 10 to 12 weeks before the first fall frost date.

High Yield
Full Sun
Loosen compost-enriched soil
Soil with a pH between 5.8 and 6.8
Moisture retentive soil that doesn’t drain too quickly
Soak seeds in warm water overnight, this will speed germination
Sow Seed, press on surface of soil
Germination, approx.1 to 3 weeks
Approx 112 days to maturity, but well worth the fresh taste
Approx 12" tall

Starting Indoors: Fill seed flats or pots with good-quality seed starting mix then gently firm it level. Press soaked seeds into seed-starting soil; to get good germination, do not cover with soil. The easiest way to sow the seeds is to carefully tap the packet above the surface of the potting mix and watch carefully as the seeds fall. Ideally you want them to fall about an inch apart. Once you’re done, firm the seeds into place. Soon after seedlings appear, place a fluorescent grow light 3 inches above them for 16 hours a day (plants need dark hours, too). Mist regularly. When seedlings are 2 inches tall, transplant them to individual peat pots or to deeper flats with new potting soil. In flats, set the plants at least 2 inches apart. Harden off seedlings before transplanting by reducing water slightly and putting them outdoors (in a sheltered spot protected from the sun) for a couple of hours each day for about a week.

Plant celery outdoors when the soil temperature reaches at least 50°F nighttime temperatures don’t dip down below 40°F (Cold weather after planting can cause bolting.) Plant seedling 8 to 10 inches apart. Water thoroughly.

To grow well, celery has three critical needs:
Cool weather; celery won’t tolerate high temperatures.
Constant water; stalks will be small, stringy, tough, and/or hollow if it goes without water.
Soil that’s rich in organic matter and—because its roots are shallow (just a few inches deep)—fertilizer applied on top of the soil.

Tie growing celery stalks together to keep them from sprawling.

For more tender sweeter tasting celery, blanch up about two weeks before harvest. This means to cover the stalks up to the leaves. You can do this many ways but wrapping it in newspaper and tie string around it to keep the light out is about the easiest way.

update 3-4-2024

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