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Tomato Seeds, Heirloom Yellow Pear Tomato

Tomato Seeds, Heirloom Yellow Pear Tomato

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Heirloom Yellow Pear Cherry Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum), 15 seeds per package.
Paste Tomato, Open Pollinated, Non-GMO

The Yellow Pear is a plentiful yellow pear-shaped tomato that is vigorous and an extremely old heirloom. This tomato variety is very popular for both home gardens and markets, as it is as rich in vitamins as it is flavorful!

The Yellow Pear's growth is fairly tall, so provide some staking or caging. This deliciously tangy tomato adds as pop of color in salads, sliced on a plate or in preserves, as it looks great on a summer snack platter. The large plant of the Yellow Pear prolifically produces “a lot” of tiny yellow pear-shaped fruit with its favored flavor!

It grows well and no real problems until a few horn worms moved in but I caught them in time and the plants are still producing big time. If you notice a stem stripped of leaves then most likely the horn worms have moved in to feast on your tomato plant. A black light helps to see them at night although they are large and crazy looking worms. They blend in really well to the foliage and stems. Just remove them and check the plant daily for about a week.

Indeterminate plant, need to cage, stake, or trellis.
Low acid tomatoes
Sow depth, about ¼”, keep soil lightly moist until germination
Open Pollinated
Plant space, approx. 36”, although I planted several throughout my garden but I placed two plants in a large pot and they did very well.
68-80 days to maturity, mid season
Zones 3 through 9
Full sun
Heat tolerant
Direct sow or transplant seedlings
Fruit weight approx. .5 – 1oz

Planting: Start seeds indoors under controlled conditions or direct sow. Place in a sunny window with at least 8 hours of sunlight. Water only when soil feels dry to touch. No fertilizer is needed until transplanting. Using a heating pad to keep the soil between 70-80°F. Slowly introduce your tomato seedlings to the outdoor environment one week before transplanting. Each day add more time outside. Start with shade and no wind outdoors and work your way up gradually to sun and wind. Transplant after last frost date and soil temperature has reach 60°F.

Watering: Water at least 1 - 2 inches per week but here in North Texas it is more like twice a day during July and August.
Fertilizer: Add 1 ounce of high phosphorus fertilizer (5-10-10) in hole before transplanting. Fertilize again when first tomatoes begin to appear and then again when first tomato is picked.

Companion Plants- herbs; borage, basil, dill, mint, sage, fennel, cilantro,  parsley,  chives, thyme, oregano. Flowers; marigold, nasturtium. 

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