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Zinnia Flower Mixed Color Bloom Seeds

Zinnia Flower Mixed Color Bloom Seeds

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Large Head Mixed Zinnia Seeds, Beautiful Color Combo, (mainly Red, Orange, Pink, Purple)
Over 20 seeds per package
Beautiful Hardy Annual Flowers

These are beautiful plants and so easy to grow. Striking in colors and the butterflies, moths, bumblebees just loved the blooms. This is a very sturdy fast growing disease resistant plant. The more you cut blooms off the plant, the more blooms come. It blooms from Spring until the first frost. It is a reliable staple in the garden for beautiful color, attracting pollinators and very easy to grow. It does very well in semi poor soil and in container gardening. It loves heat, full sun is best.

Plant Type: Annual Flower
Grows Best In: Full Sun
Days to Germination: 7-12 Days
Days To Bloom: 35-60 Days
Planting Depth: .25"
Seed Spacing: Sow Mixed Colors Zinnia seeds roughly 8-10" apart.
Growing Height: 24"-36"

After all danger of frost, sow Zinnia seeds in open ground well exposed to the sun. Or, for earlier bloom, start seeds indoors about 4 weeks before the last frost. Cover with .25" of soil. When the plants are 3" high, thin or transplant.

Suggestions: Remove faded blooms to extend zinnias growing season.

They do well direct sowing, or in large containers and they are great in cut flower arrangements. They are very hardy, they grow tall, and they do not need much attention except a little water every now and then. Very easy plant. The only pest that seem to love them are the huge grasshoppers. But if you put out a few bird feeders close by that takes care of the problem. Birds love the grasshoppers and I love those birds.

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