Collection: Autumn Harvest

A good time to start planting for a Autumn harvest is July and August. Yes these are hot months but you can start seeds inside and when time to plant the seedlings outside, plant in part shade or use a shade cloth if you live in the hot zones.πŸ˜Žβ˜€οΈ 95F plus. Don't forget to harden off the seedlings.

Depending on your first frost date a lot of the wonderful flowers and vegetables can be sown again during the warm months.Β  Most likely you will not have to deal with the pest that you dealt with in the Spring due to their lifecycle is over. Plus the warm temps inside as well as outside help germinate the seeds even faster.

Use a ground cover to help with moisture like; hay, straw or wood chips.

Check the harvest date in the description of the seeds to your first expected frost date and see if the flowers or vegetables will have enough time to fully grow and be harvested. Enjoy!