Collection: Seeds and Cold Stratification

Cold stratification is the process of exposing seeds to cold and moist conditions to encourage germination. In nature, the stratification process takes place when fallen seeds overwinter underground or beneath a layer of snow.

Cold stratification simulates the natural process by subjecting seed to a cool 34 to 37 degrees moist environment for a period one to three months. The seeds can also be placed in a medium such as vermiculite, peat, sand or a damp paper towel and refrigerated in a plastic bag or sealed container to mimic winter outside. This process helps the seed "break dormancy" and initiate the germination process.

Prepare a bed in late Fall or Winter with good soil, lightly moisten the soil, plant the seeds and keep bed lightly moist throughout the winter during the dry times. Mark/label the bed. Come spring when conditions are right they will sprout.

Note: I have planted most of these during the spring and they came up without cold stratification.